Dear Harvie Sue,

As I write this, you are only months away from being born, and from the day we realized you were on your way, mommy said we should make it a point to journalize our experiences so that we would never forget these precious moments, as well as give you the opportunity to experience it with us in the years to come. I will admit that I was not as dedicated to the task as mommy, however I have had many thoughts and feelings over the last several months, some good, some bad, that I never want to forget.

My goal is that hopefully if I write out my feelings now while I’m feeling them they will mean so much more to you in the future when you perhaps are facing the same challenges and issues as I. From the day you are born and well into your childhood there are many things that I will be able to teach you. However there are also many things that you truly will not be able to understand until you are older. This journal is to allow both you and myself to remember these moments and to benefit us both for whatever lies ahead.



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