The Prayers of A Child

Dear Harvie Sue,

Your mother and I strive so hard to educate you, discipline you, to teach you write from wrong. Somedays it is a real struggle.We ask ourselves, where did we go wrong. It seems like the older you get, the harder it is for us to get you to listen. There are days when the seat of your time out chair, stays warmer than our furnace on a cold day. And then, quite out of the blue, you turn around and surprise us. It gives us hope for the future. As if all of our efforts are not completely in vain. 

The other day, we were writing a letter to John-boy, who is away at boot camp for the Marines. We have all been saying prayers for him everyday that he will do well and be safe. Somewhere along the lines this must have sunk in. As you were coloring him a beautiful coloring page to send him, you dropped your crayon on the floor, leaned in, and laid your hand on the page, and attempted to whisper a quiet prayer. It was more of a jumble of words, followed by a loud drawn out, Amen! But the mere fact that you wanted to say a prayer for him, brought a tear to you ole’ dad’s eyes. I’m so proud of things you are learning. It makes me feel like a better father, especially during a time when I needed it the most. I only pray that God will grant me the wisdom to continue to raise you right.

I love you always,