Attention To The Details

Dear Harvie Sue,

Here lately you have developed something I never saw coming. Hopefully it’s not Daddy’s OCD lol. You have started to become very particular about things. Even to the point of having attitude. For example, you can not stand crumbs. You probably don’t like how they feel, particularly because you also don’t like wearing clothes. This would also explain why you have started pointed out when your diaper is wet. Well potty training is just around the bend. I’m already so proud of you. You’ve already peed in your potty chair several times now. It won’t be too much longer before you are going all on your own!

This is just scratching the surface though. Baby dolls have to sit a certain way in the chair; toys have to be a little row, and today when we took you to the grocery store with your little cart, you wouldn’t push it if there was stuff in it. Everything has to be just so. I suppose that is a good thing. It means you won’t miss any of the little details in life. It’s a trait that was passed from my dad, who was a architectural draftsman, to me as a graphic designer, and now you. I can’t wait to see how you will use this gift.

Love, Dad


Growing Up So Fast

Dear Harvie Sue,

It’s hard watching you grow, baby girl. Things are happening at a rate which daddy can’t keep track of. One day you are holding daddy’s finger and I get ecstatic over that. The next day, you are smiling at me for the first time. Then shortly after you are sitting up on your own. And now here you are eating solid foods for the very first time.

For weeks now, you have been trying to get a hold of the food that mommy and daddy have been eating. To which I would simply remind you that your time would come soon enough. Well that time was yesterday.

Mommy decided to give you pumpkin baby food, and I have to say you ate it LIKE A BOSS. It was like you had always known what to do with it. I suppose you have had lots of practice while chewing on daddy’s phone. And also you are your mothers baby girl. She always did love a good bite to eat.

From the way you are moving about, you will soon be crawling all over creation. I guess it’s time to start baby proofing the house.

Love Dad