52 Reasons Why I Love Your Mom – #4: Interested In You

I know that there are many things I have enjoyed doing over the years that aren’t really your mom’s cup of tea. But I have learned that regardless, she tries to participate in those things simple because she is interested in me. Ever since I made this realization, I have strived to do the same for her. Being involved in other peoples interests may broaden horizons you didn’t know existed, but will most definitely deepen any relationship.


52 Reasons Why I Love Your Mom – #3: Her Determination

One could call it stubbornness. Another could call it determination. It just depends on the situation and whether or not they want to be in the dog house. I have yet to see your mother give in to a challenge. She doesn’t like to fail. This was one of the amazing attributes she had when I met her. It was what drew me to her. She had something that I so desperately wanted to have. The drive to never give up no matter the obstacles.

52 Reasons Why I Love Your Mom – #2: Enjoys the Little Things

No matter what I do for her, whether its the diamond ring she wanted for our engagement, or a silly origami frog I crafted, she is always over the moon that I thought of her. To see the excitement on her face as I tell her about something I did for her, gives me more joy than anything she could ever do for me. Remember Harvie, never take for granted the little things, treasure them always, for these are the foundations of any great relationship.

52 Reasons Why I Love Your Mom – #1: Her Front Tooth

I never understood why I liked it so much but, when your mom smiles and gives a slight giggle of excitement there is one little tooth that sticks out from under her top lip. I probably like it because I know when I see that tooth, my wife is truly happy or excited. It brings a smile to my face every time. Its amazing the loving details we will notice if we only take the time to do so.