They said it gets easier.. They Lied

Dear Harvie,

This statement is so true. Mother’s are wonderful beings. Full of patience, compassion, endurance, and most of all love!

Sweet Baby & Mama

I don’t think it gets easier. I think that we just adapt. We adapt to the sleepless nights, the nonexistence of silence, we adapt to our messy lifestyles and our loss of freedom. I do love my sweet baby and i love being a mother. But i know it wont get easier. Even though she takes all my time, money and existence. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. day by day i fall in love with this little creature!

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3 thoughts on “They said it gets easier.. They Lied

  1. Keep it up 🙂 parenting is the most exhausting but the most beautiful adventures. YOu have no idea of the million things you ll be learning, about life, love, yourself. Big things become little things and little things can become so big; for instance, who would thought I would become an expert in unwrapping Kit Kats without making any noise?…

  2. They DEFINITELY lied, particularly when it comes to “sleeping through the night.” Sleeping for five hours is NOT “sleeping through the night!” 😉

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