52 Reasons Why I Love Your Mom – #7: Quality Time


A few months before you were born I read a book called The Five Love Languagesby Gary Chapman. In it he talks about five different love languages that help you learn the secret to love that lasts. One of these languages, is quality time. When my wife an I took the survey to discover which love languages we were, we discovered that we both shared Quality Time as one them.

This makes perfect since because there is no one I enjoy spending my time with more, than your mom. Ok, I enjoy spending time with you too, don’t worry. But there is just something special about spending quality time with the person you fell in love with. It doesn’t matter what we are doing, It could be going to the movies together, walking through the mall, or simply having pillow talk each night before we fall asleep. We always seem to enjoy ourselves. One day I am sure you will find your special someone and then you will understand.


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