New Favorite iPhone App: TwoDots

Once again, I was browsing facebook on my iPhone, while I was trying to get my little baby girl to sleep, and ran across another cool thing. TwoDots. The Best thing since Tetris. I literally sat and played this thing for like an hour just now and won like 16 levels in a row. I have always loved puzzle games and this one definitely fits the bill. I found my new addiction. All you do is simply connect the dots in any way you can, aside from going on angles. And if you complete a square you clear all that colors dots from the screen. Like any game, with each passing level the challenges get a little harder. If you haven’t heard of it check it out. Let me know what you think below.


3 thoughts on “New Favorite iPhone App: TwoDots

  1. ha! thanks for the game suggestion. I gauge how good a puzzle game is, by how frustrated it makes me. This game is very frustrating. If you haven’t yet, check out 2048.
    I share the same sentiment as you. I want to be involved, present, and active in my daughter’s life as well. Congrats and good luck in your journey of raising your little one.

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