Ok ok ok…I know, daddy has been a horrible example thus far. Here you are at 5 months old and I haven’t even started writing in my blog much less passing on my wisdom. So much for this category’s title. I just got so busy enjoying you that I haven’t spent the time documenting the things that I have learn.

So post #1…

1.Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow.
Get off your lazy butt and just do it. One trait that both me and your mom have always had is the willingness to work hard, although I have to say your mom’s drive is a lot stronger than mine.

Your mother and I decided to take the proactive approach with you, instead of waiting. So at five months we have already enrolled in school…ok well not like the kind where you get on a bus with a bunch of kids and sit in a classroom all day. More like, we take time every day to read a book with you and teach you letters, shapes, and colors. Your mom found these really colorful flash cards with the alphabet on them at Staples and insisted on buying them. I have to admit it, my procrastinating spirit was very skeptical, but she was right (as usual). I have never seen a baby so young to be so interested in something such as flashcards. And yet every day you sit in utter awe as mom teaches you how to make the X sound. You just laugh and giggle and can’t wait for the next card.

Perhaps procrastination is not really a battle you will have to struggle with. With any luck you will take after your mom and will always want to get stuff done ASAP. I most certainly hope so. It’s a heck of a lot easier than feeling extremely guilty later.

Well that was my word of wisdom for today. Hopefully I’ll learn to take my own advice.



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